Travel Accounts and Knowledge of the World from Antiquity to the Renaissance

Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino

ISSN: 1594-1019

Editor: Stefano Pittaluga

Advisory Board: Gabriella Airaldi, Franco Cardini, Guglielmo Cavallo, Clara Fossati, Juan Jil, Patrick Gautier Dalché, Enrico Menestò, Marica Milanesi, Francesco Mosetti Casaretto, Massimo Oldoni, Sandra Origone, Massimo Quaini, Francesco Surdich, Jan Ziolkowski

Editorial Board: Domenico De Filippis, Marina Montesano, Donatella Restani

Managing Editors: Attilio Grisafi


The journal “Itineraria” offers a new space for research on themes and texts relating to travel and knowledge of the world (including imaginary, symbolic and metaphorical travel, visiones, fantastic geography, and geography of the after-world) from a broad philological perspective that, while privileging Medieval Latin and humanistic literary traditions, also includes classical and vernacular cultures. The subject matter of “Itineraria” embraces a vast chronological and cultural span: from Greek cosmologies to circumnavigations; Greco-Roman geographical literature to cosmography; visiones to itineraria; mirabilia to travel romances; chronicles of the Crusades to pilgrimages; reports by ambassadors, missionaries, and merchants to cartography; and pilot books to imaginary travel and fantastic geography. The scholarly level of “Itineraria” is overseen by an international editorial board, which in its make-up mirrors the variety of methodologies and disciplines the journal seeks to engage. All articles are submitted for one or more peer-reviews; the general editor determines publication in consultation with the peer reviewers.
The journal is issued annually and welcomes articles in the major European languages. Each article is accompanied by an abstract in English.

The Journal has been classified by ANVUR in the A category.

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