Medieval Anonymous Texts and Digital Research Infrastructures

SEMI: SEminars on Middle Ages and Information Technology

May 24th 2013. Location: SISMEL/FEF, Via Montebello 7, 50123 Florence

14.45 Keynote speech ­‐ Agostino Paravicini Bagliani (SISMEL)
Anonymous Texts as a Key to Understanding Middle Ages?

15.00 Round table on Representing Anonymity

From Authors, Texts and Manuscripts Census towards a New Generation of Digital 

Research Infrastructures

The aim of this round table is to investigate the importance and extent of anonymity in Medieval culture, focus on the most relevant research questions related to anonymous texts and review tools and techniques used to represent and mange anonymity within a number of large scholarly databases of medieval authors texts and manuscripts. The emerging digital research space is posing new questions both to scholars and ICT experts: how traditional databases of medieval authors, texts and manuscripts could be improved using semantic technologies? Will it be possible to enable new research perspectives on anonymity in the Middle Ages history and literature using innovative semantic tools? Moreover the vast amount of digital information on anonyms already available in the digital domain is often hard to browse and manage and the problem of finding reliable identification mechanisms is still unsolved.


J. Deploige (Ghent University)
Anonymity in the Narrative Sources from the Medieval Low Countries

L. Pinelli (SISMEL)
Anonymous Texts in Medioevo latino

M. Cerno (University of Cassino)
Compendia of anonymous hagiographic and liturgic texts

S. Nocentini (SISMEL)
Towards a Compendium Auctorum (CALMA) for Anonymous Texts and Authors?

R. Gamberini (University of Trento)
Anonyms  and Pseudepigrapha 

R. Tinaburri (University of Cassino)
Anonymous Texts in the Anglo-­Saxon World 

G. Pomaro (SISMEL)
Anonymous Texts in Medieval Manuscripts

A. Decaria (University of Siena)
Anonymous texts in the Medieval Vernacular Tradition 

S. Anderson (King's College London)
Managing anonymity with semantic tools 

E. Degl'Innocenti (Fondazione Ezio Franceschini)
Moving Databases a Step Forward 

F. Butini (Fondazione Ezio Franceschini)
Ontologies: an Overview 

Z. Uhlíř (National Library of the Czech Republic)
Semantics and Manoscriptorium