Towards a Medieval Latin Digital Library

A “Medioevo europeo” workshop
(Working group 3 of the COST Action )
April 28, 2014
SISMEL, Firenze, via Montebello 7
A scholarly research in European medieval studies can be only founded on the knowldege and the consultation of the actual sources, which until the XIII century are for the most part in Latin. In this field of studies many digital archives have been growing in last years, which collect medieval Latin texts and documents, and perform different kinds of search on them. A free cross-consultation of such databases could very much help the development of the studies, by giving a unique or at least a main reference for quotations and queries about words, names of persons and places, and concepts across the times and the countries. A first meeting of the responsibles and the operators of those archives can take stock of the actual situation by expounding the different features of every data-base, and will become an occasion to design a project for making the medieval Latin archives interact and develop.
9, 30-13.30
Presentation of the data-bases
1. Agostino Paravicini Bagliani (SISMEL, COST Action Medioevo Europeo) Foreword
2. Clemens Radl (München) MGH digital
3. Maurizio Lana (Vercelli) DigiLibLT
4. Eva Sediki (Zürich) Corpus Corporum
5. Alain Meurant (Louvain-la-Neuve) Itinera electronica
6. Emiliano Degl’Innocenti (Firenze) Biblioteca Digitale SISMEL-ENTMI
7. Paolo Mastandrea (Venezia) Poetria Nova, Poeti d’Italia
8. Erwin Rauner (Augsburg) Analecta Hymnica
9. Maurizio Campanelli (Roma) Biblioteca Italiana -parte latina
10. Jan Koláček (Praha): Cantus Index - Online Network of Medieval Music Databases
11. Jean-Philippe Genet (Paris) PALM-Meditext
12. Francesco Stella (Siena) ALIM and other digital libraries
The issues at stake:
Cross-consultation, Integration, Copyright, European Projects
Closing remarks. 
Participants include Greta Franzini (Leipzig) and
Christian-Emil Ore (COST Action Medioevo Europeo)
Società Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino (S.I.S.M.E.L.)
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